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The management of an organization’s fleet has demanded a growing level of expertise to address emissions, costs, maintenance, efficiencies and above all safety requirements. Where in the past this was the responsibility of a single manager, modern fleet management has evolved to utilize teams including Fleet Managers, Engineers, Procurement Specialists and Occupational Health and Safety Professionals. The intent of the Whiplash Prevention Campaign is to provide these teams with convenient, relevant and up-to-date information to address fleet “greening” and vehicle safety initiatives. A library of resources is provided to help guide management teams when purchasing or leasing “greener” and safer vehicles that meet operational requirements. The development of this resource is derived from the input of various stakeholders including municipal fleet managers, crown corporations, industry associations and OHS professionals. As the needs of fleet management teams are continually evolving, we welcome user input to keep our resource library relevant and fresh. 

Vehicle Rating Database

These tools are intended to help develop a standard for buying or leasing vehicles that reduce whiplash and other injuries arising from motor vehicle collisions. Please visit the beta version of our vehicle rating database which includes:

  • Safety ratings (Head restraint, frontal collision, side collision and rollover ratings)
  • Green ratings
  • Vehicle cost ranges (based on retail costs)

Whiplash Prevention Informational Resources

These documents are intended to be used in supporting safety initiatives within your organization. Please feel free to use these resources to compliment or incorporate into your own safety materials.

Other Resources (Under Development)



Associations and Organizations

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