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 Employers and Whiplash

If your company owns a fleet of vehicles of any size, you have probably felt the effects of whiplash injuries within your organization. Whiplash injuries constitute a significant percent of injuries from rear-end collisions. Because of this factor, employers have a vested interest in preventing whiplash to reduce worker's compensation claims and employee injury rates. This can translate into a savings for you and improved safety for your employees.

As an employer you can play an integral role in the prevention of whiplash injuries through employee safety training, purchasing vehicles with better head restraint ratings and adding head restraint adjustment to your safety checklist.

We have brought together a broad range of resources for your use in understanding the importance of whiplash prevention. Whether you are a Fleet Manager, an Occupational Health and Safety Professional or a Business Owner, we have resources that will help you implement a plan to reduce whiplash injuries in your workplace.

Find out what vehicle safety criteria is recommended and required in Canada, as well as the current policies and legislation that apply to manufacturing vehicle seats.


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