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The Whiplash Prevention Steering Committee aims to create awareness about how to prevent whiplash by properly adjusting your head restraint. Working closely with fleet managers, the auto industry, and occupational health professionals, the Steering Committee helps reduce whiplash injury and create awareness about safer vehicles.


  • To discuss industry standards for improving awareness of proper head restraint adjustment within business fleets.
  • To discuss ways of educating health professionals of the impact proper head restraint adjustment can have on reducing whiplash injuries
  • To analyze the usefulness of the current Whiplash Prevention website, which is under construction
  • To brainstorm ways of educating the public on the importance of proper head restraint adjustment



  • Dr. Doug Romilly  - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia (UBC)
  • Dr. Ediriweera Desapriya - Department of Pediatrics, UBC; BC Injury Research & Prevention Unit
  • Dr. Marc White - Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability (CIRPD);
    Department of Family Practice, UBC
  • Tonya Hyde - CIRPD
  • Dr. Dinithi Peiris - Department of Pediatrics,UBC; BC Injury Research & Prevention Unit
  • Dr. Anne Snowdon - Odette School of Business, University of Windsor
  • Gunter Siegmund - MEA Forensics
  • Diane Mackay - Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
  • Bernhard Sauter - BC Hydro
  • Marj Belot - Physiotherapist
  • Alison Hoens - Department of Physical Therapy, UBC
  • Dr. Stan Jung - Chiropractor
  • Sylvie Gelinas - Fortis BC
  • Adrienne Hook - Health Employers Association of BC
  • Brenda Locke - Massage Therapists' Association of British Columbia
  • Erin Pierson - Massage Therapists' Association of British Columbia
  • Blair Qualey - New Car Dealers of British Columbia
  • Bill Dyer - Air Canada 
  • David Dunne - BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation
  • Sergio Picco - City of Burnaby
  • Mehmet Vural - Spotlight Enterprise Consulting Group
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